Транспортировка под положительным давлением-SRPC

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Модель SRPC-2 SRPC-4
Blower Power kW 3.75 7.5
Rotary valve power kW 0.75 0.75
Rotary valve discharge amount Kg/hr 2000 4500
Accelerating chamber pipe dia. mm 50.8 76.2
Dimensions H(mm) 993 1088
D(mm) 1254.5 1465.5
W(mm) 676 776
Weight kg 250 320
■ Features

• Adopt positive pressure wind power conveying without con­ tamination
• Casters with the base for easy move and placement
• Equipped with the storage box that makes manual feeding and packaging available
• The storage box uses SUS304 mirror panel, and the bright surface ensures no contamination


■ Application

SRPC series is mainly used for granules positive pressure conveying. It is used for conveying mate­ rials with relatively high requirements, which features large throughput, long conveying distance and no material contamination.

As positive pressure conveying works with the rotary valve, it only can convey the granules for other materials may easy cause rotary valve blockage.

■ Conveying Capacity

Working Principle

When the SRPC positive-pressure con­ veying starts, the blower will open di­rectly, and the rotary valve will have a certain delay. After the delay, the valve w ill rotate, and the materials will dis­ charge into the rotary valve from the storage box. Then, the materials will flow to lower accelerating chamber, and be blown away by the positive pressure air via the pipe. When the machine stops, the rotary valve will stop first without discharging. The blower w ill set delay closing to clear the materials accu­ mulated in the pipe, and then stop.

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