Автоматический погрузчик Big Bag SES

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    Модель SES-1200N
    Cylinder stroke mm 1200(option)
    Cylinder pipe dia. mm PT3/8
    Cylinder withstand pressure Bar 15.0
    Cylinder speed range mm/s 30~800
    Convering pipe dia. inch 2
    Fully-Extended height of the big bag mm <1900
    Power supply 1Ф 220VAC 50Hz
    D mm 1617
    H mm 3362
    H1 mm 1333
    W mm 584
    P mm 310
    Q mm 430
    S mm 6-Ф16
    Weight kg 130
    ■ Features

    • Anti-sticky pillars at the suction inlet of big bag can effectively prevent suction suspension due to the bag involved into the suction inlet.

    • Air refilling device on hopper cover can adjust the refilling inlet according to suction for convenience.

    • Simple structure, strong loading capacity

    • Full-range loading without manual inter­ ference


    ■ Application

    The auto loader of big bag is applicable to loading, conveying, discharge of particles in plant; simple structure, strong loading capacity for wide applications in particles related industries.

    ■ Options

    • When customer has high requirement on mobility of the big bag, the base is optional with flexible castor. Add "D" at the end of the model code.
    • As previous agglomeration characteristics, the piston reciprocating pneumatic vibrator is applied, and the vibrator connected with air pipe can vibrate after connection. Add "V" at the end of the model code.
    • According to different heights of the big bag, select the cylinder with different strokes.
    • According to different big bags, fastener clamp is optional to tighten the big bag after it is direct­ ly hung on the ring. Add "S" at the end of the model code.
    • 2.5"suction pipe is optional according to customer's demands of the suction pipe diameter (add 25 at the end of the model code).

    ■ Structure

    Suction device

    Air supply device: before material suction, open the air supply device and adjust the size of the inlet according to the suction situation for smooth operation.
    A hopper hung by wire rope serves as suction device. It can rise and fall vertically since its weight is different from the balancing weight. In addition, the air supply device can adjust material suction situation.

    ■ Cylinder Driving Force Table


    Working Principle


    Start the pneumatic reversing valve to make cylinder rise, the lifting device will decline to fix the height of container bag. After fixation, activate the pneumatic reversing valve to make cylinder decline, the lifting device will tighten the container bag. Reduce the balancing weight to make loader decline into the container bag for material suction. During the suction, the container bag gradually loses its weight till less than the tightening force. Then the whole container bag will be lifted up, and the bottom material can also be sucked. Simultaneously, the cylinder reaches the limit and touches off the sensor and the alarm lights on, then the suction is finished.

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