Вертикальная формовочная машина Swing-arm Robot SVS

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    Модель SVS-550 SVS-700
    IMM ton 50~150 100~200
    Vertical Stroke mm 0~150 0~150
    Arm Stroke mm 0~550 0~700
    Swing Angle deg 0~40 0~40
    Wrist Angle deg 180 180
    Max Load (with tool) kg 0.5 0.5
    Min Pick-out Time sec 0.8 0.9
    Min Cycle Time sec 3 3.2
    Max Air Consumption L 12 14.5
    Power Rating W 30 30
    Rated Current A 0.5 0.5
    Air Pressure bar 4~6 4~6
    Weight kg 55 57
    Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 300x640x1280 300x640x1430
    ■ Features

    • Appearance
    Designed with frame-type style, compact and streamlined appearance.

    • Safety
    Proximity sensors and anti-collision devices are applied to all moving directions in order to provide safety mechanically and electrically.

    • Convenience
    All limitation device are fixed by sliders, users can adjust them by need, easy to use. Cylinder air flow can be adjusted by filter regulating valve.

    • Standardization
    All pneumatic accessories, electric accessories, and communication protocols meet the global stan­ dards. Interface between injection molding machine and robot is compliance with EUROMAP 12, EUROMAP 67 and SPI.

    • User Friendly
    Signals can be connected by EUROMAP push-pull connector, easy to plug-in and plug-out. Reserved 4 extra I/O pins for other applications.

    • Intelligence
    Dialogic hand controller supports 3 languages, including Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English. System includes 8 standards programs and 50 sets teach programs which can store mold processing conditions and data. The controller also have self-diagnosis function.

    ■ Application

    The SVS series robot is designed for rapid and precise removal of sprue and runner from vertical molding machine, and place them into granulator for recycling.
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