Робот SS1 с сервоприводом

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Модель SS1-650 SS1-750T
IMM ton 100~150 150-250
Crosswise Stroke mm 125 125
Vertical Stroke mm 650 750
Max. Load (with tool) kg 0.5 0.5
Min Pick-out Time sec 0.8 0.8
Min Cycle Time sec 3.0 3.0
Air Pressure bar 4~6 4~6
Max Air Consumption Nl/cycle 9 9
Weight kg 70 70
Dimensions A(mm) 450 450
B(mm) 1060 1060
C(mm) 1350 1500
D(mm) 650 750
■ Features

• Appearance
Designed with elegant appearance; Aluminium profiles are widely used to provide compact and streamlined appearance.

• Precision
Arm vertical movement is driven by servo motor which is rapid,low-noise,precise and even runs more stable.

• Base
Mechanism Fast mold changing design provides simple method for changing molds.
The base is rotatable for 90° by releasing the handle.

• Control
System 3.2 inch true color LCD and graphical user interface automatically monitor and real time monitoring. Display error messages, easy to operate and ensure the use of safety. Extra extend I/O ports are available for other appli­ cation. Teach program and setup cycle movements, provide plug and use without modify control system. Flexible and dialogic programming scheme offer 10 standard programs and 18 customized programs.


■ Application

The SSI series robot is designed for rapid and precise removal of sprue and runner from injection molding machine, and place them into granulator for recycling. Simple product removal is applicable with optional vacuum generator and EOAT. Suitable for injection molding machine under 250T clamp force.

■ Options

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