Робот с несколькими суставами SR

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Модель SR-900 SR-1400 SR-1700
Max. working area mm 900 1405 1717
Load kg 5 6 20
Accuracy mm ±0.05 ±0.05 ±0.05
Number of axis 6 6 6
installation position ground installation ground installation, hanging installation, upside down installation ground installation
Weight (not include controlling box) kg 32 143 268
Temperature 0~40°C 0~40°C 0~40°C
The moving area J1(rotate 1) ±170° ±165° ±180°
J2(fwd/back) +45~-190° +155°/-90° ±155°/-110°
J3(up/down) +156~-120° +75°/-200° ±255°/-165°
J4(turn 2) ±185° ±170° ±200°
J5(bend) ±120° ±120° ±120°
J6 (turn 1) ±350° ±360° ±360°
Joint speed J1(rotate 1) 180°/S 180°/S 197°/S
J2(fwd/back) 150°/S 180°/S 175°/S
J3(up/down) 180°/S 200°/S 187°/S
J4(turn 2) 360°/S 450°/S 400°/S
J5(bend) 270°/S 320°/S 400°/S
J6 (turn 1) 360°/S 450°/S 600°/S
■ Features

• Edit by dragging function, collision preventing mode, easily manipulating, highly safety (small robot)
• Small, integrated controller and driver, highly system integrated
• Imported servo motor, gear box, stable, accurate
• Using in the application like welding, taking, palletizing, and processing


Flexible, multiple degree of freedom movement provides optimized moving path. This robot is widely used in palletizing, handling, processing, injection molding and other occasions. The advantages are more obvious in vertical injection molding applications. While waiting for taking out molded products, it can be programmed for post-processing such as cutting sprue, deburring, product assembly and handling.
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