Сотрудничающий робот S Cobot-i5

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Модель S Cobot-i5 Cobot-i10
Degreed 6 6
Max. workingarea mm 886.5 1350
Load kg 5 10
Weight kg 24 37
Life time h 30000 30000
Accuracy mm ±0.02 ±0.1
Speed of the end m/s ≤2.8 ≤4.0
Energy consumption (under normal condition) W 200 500
Material Aluminum
Temperature % 25-85
Protecting level IP54
Programming The progress is running on the 12.5 inch touching panel
Communication CAN bus
Power supply DC 48V
installation Fix on the ground, hanging, swing
The Moving Area JI Base ±175° ±175°
J2 Shoulder ±175° ±175°
J3 Elbow ±175° ±175°
J4 Wrist ±175° ±175°
J5 Wrist ±175° ±175°
J6 Wrist ±175°/360° (for selection) ±175°/360° (for selection)
Max. speed JI Base 150°/s 150°/s
J2 Shoulder 150°/s 150°/s
J3 Elbow 150°/s 180°/s
J4 Wrist 180°/s 180°/s
J5 Wrist 180°/s 180°/s
J6 Wrist 180°/s 180°/s
■ Features

• Highly Safety
The advance collision preventing detection function can stop the system when unexpected collision is happened; and setting the collision level based on the actual situation.

• Easily manipulating The user can edit the program by the dragging function which means you can directly dragging the moving path. The robot can record the path that user dragged and simplified the editing.

• Easily installing
The robot is Light and flexible to achieve the installation like fixing on the base, hanging , and other particular method.

■ Application

Widely used in combined with taking, painting, polishing, assembling, and vision system to achieve industry 4.0
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