Осушители сжатого воздуха - SCAD

Дополнительная информация:

    ■ Features

    • P.I.D. temperature controller can reach the accuracy of ±113, the weekly timer is available with SCAD-12U~40U.

    • Adopts compressed air to dry plastic materials with good and stable drying effect, and is not influenced by ambient temperature and humidity.

    • Hopper of SCAD-1-6U adopts double-layer high-temp, resistant tube whose inside is made of glass tube and outside is made of PC tube.

    • Storage hopper of SCAD-12-40U is made of stainless steel to ensure no material contamination.

    • Function of compressed air pressure detection makes a safe and reliable op­eration.

    • Voltage-output type temperature controller collocating with SSR control loop can effectively prolong the lifespan of device.

    • Equipped with overheat protection to avoid excessively high drying tempera­ture.

    • Equipped with air outlet filter, which is used to filter dried air exhausted to outside.

    • Warning light can monitor machine operation.



    ■ Options

    • Optionally equipped with heatless regenerative air dryer, the dew-point temperature can reach -40°C below. It mainly used to dry hygroscopic engineering plastics, and its power consumption is 35% lower than honeycomb dehumidifier.

    • SCAD-1~6U can be optionally collocated with venturi loader VL-50 to achieve automatic material feeding.

    • 24-hour auto start/stop timer is optional for SCAD-1-6U.

    ■ Application

    Applicable for small batch drying of commonly-used engineering plastics such as ABS and PS, also suitable for pre-heating treatment before plastics molding.


    ■ Working Principle

    The working principle is that compressed airflows into heating case after through pressure regulating valve and solenoid valve, and finally exhaust into air. At the same time, the dew-point is reduced. The heated com­pressed air is blown into the heat-preservation hopper to dry materials, and it exhaust into air through filter to remove water in raw materials.


    Under normal operation, high pressure air is blown into heating cabinet via solenoid valve and air diffusing equipment, then into drying hopper to dry up material. Air is discharged through return air filter for recycle.


    Hi-pressure air was controlled by solenoid valve and blown into suction pipe, then accelerating flow of air generates negative pressure to drive material feeding, which draws mate­rial into drying hopper. Air is discharged out through filter.


    ■ Options



    The dew-point of compressed air can reach -40°C under standard atmosphere which meets the requirement of drying materials and molding of plastics.


    It can be fixed on the molding machine or column of the foot stand. The air outlet and air inlet of SCAD-U are connected with air pipelines.


    Please clean up the filter regularly for fear that water or oil enters the drying hopper which damages the molecular sieve and influences the dehumidifying performance.


    Drying Temp.max C 160
    Drying Hopper Capacity L 1 3 6 12 20 40
    Heater Power W 300 300 300 600 600 1200
    Pressure Air Pressure (kgf/cm2) 6~10
    Air Consumption (m3/hr) 2.4 3.0 3.75 4.25 7 14
    Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 650x310x220 680x320x220 870x350x220 780x430x455 882x467x460 1273x498x488
    Weight kg 10 13 15 25 30 45

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