Осушитель воздуха HAD

Дополнительная информация:
■ Features

• With compact structure and stable operation, the range of dew-point variation is ±3°C and the noise level is lower than 85dB.
• Auto circuit control and safety devices are simple and stable. After operation for 5,000-10,000 hours, the indicator light calls for renewal of corresponding parts to ensure safe handling with opti¬mal performance.
• High-quality absorbent of 4A molecular sieve .
• Aluminum alloy die-casting is adopted which offers good shape, convenience for disassembling and maintainence.
• The throughput is 0.1~0.35m3/min, working pressure is 0.39~0.98MPa and the dew-point can reach -40°C~-60°C.
• The rational tank design makes the contact time of compressed air and absorbent adjustable which reaches the required dew-point of finished compressed air.
• The amount of regenerative air is adjustable according to operating load of the dryer to make opti¬mal the velocity and time of the flowing air passing through the absorbent coat and bring the performance of the absorbent into full play.
• Rational system configuration makes it possible to remove oil and heavy pollutant in the air before it enters the drying tank.
• High-quality SMC solenoid valve and microprocessor have the function of automatic timing and task switching between the two tanks.


■ Application

When collocating with SHD-U (combined as SHD-U-HD model), it is suitable for drying engineering plastics with a certain requirement for moisture content such as ABS, PC, PE and PVC. When collo¬cating with SCAD in use with low dew-point dried air, it can dry material more easily. 

■ Working Principle

Heatless regenerative air dryer takes advantage of theory of Pressure Swing Adsorption. Desiccant adsorbs moisture under pressure and releases moisture, under reduced pressure. The com­pressed air after passing through inlet filter 11 enters into dry barrel 1 (or dried barrels 2) through pneumatic control valve 6 (or 5). Then it make absorption dry with desiccant bed layer, and later exist from поп-return valve 9 (or 10) to enter outlet filter 12 to be filtered, finally exist from the outlet to dry and purify air. A part of dry air (about 15%) enters dry barrel 2 (or driyd barrel 1) through current limitation pipe 8 to blow and regenerate desiccants with saturated water, then air passes through pneumatic control valves 3 (or 4) to exist out of muffler 7. Drying barrel 1, 2 work alter­nately to regenerate.



Модель HAD-0106-06 HAD-0206-06 HAD-0356-06
Processing Capacity (Air volume at inlet) m3/min 0.10 0.20 0.35
Processing Capacity (Air volume at outlet) m3/min 0.086 0.172 0.300
Processing Capacity (Regenerated airflow) m3/min 0.014 0.028 0.050
Range of Application (Applicable medium) Compressed air
Range of Application (Allowable pressure) MPa 0.39~0.98
Range of Application (Inlet air temperature) °C/% 5~50 / Not saturated (no droplet exists)
Range of Application (Ambient temperature) °C 2~40
Range of Application (Dew-point of outlet air) °C -40~-60 under pressure of 4~6kg
Power 1Ф, 230VAC, 50Hz
Dimensions (External dimensions) mm 640x217 720x217 970x217
Dimensions (Pipe diameter) Rc 3/8
Dimensions (Weight) kg 7.5 9 12
Equipment Specifications (Dehumidifying & Regeneration method) Pressure swing method
Equipment Specifications (Dehumidifying & Regeneration cycle time) 2 min.(4, 6, 8 min. switching)
Equipment Specifications (Filtration of Inlet filter) 0.01pm
Equipment Specifications (Filtration of outlet filter) 1pm

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