Пропорциональный смеситель-SPM

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    Модель SPM-40-2 SPM-40-3 SPM-40-4
    Motor power kW 0.05x1/0.03x1 0.05x2/0.03x1 0.05x2/0.03x2
    Screw ext. diameter mm 40/12 40/16 40/16
    Output kg/hr 92 182 184
    Storage hopper L 6 6 6
    Reduction ratio 1:18/1:50 1:18/1:50 1:18/1:50
    Low level sensor alarm Option Option Option
    Outline Dimension H(mm) 880 880 880
    W(mm) 900 900 900
    D(mm) 500 800 900
    Weight kg 66 78 90
    ■ Features

    • Material contacted surface is made of SUS201.
    • Simultaneous metering makes mixing unnecessary that mixes while metering.
    • Materials separated by specific gravity difference can be mixed sufficiently.
    • Particles of different sizes and shapes can be completely mixed.
    • The static will be generated during material mixing, and the product will have color splash. The machine is free of mixing that features better effect.
    • Troubles resulted by dust from mixing have been eliminated completely.
    • Modular assembly structure with convenient assembly and disassembly is easy for cleaning up and exchange.
    • Record current operation mode that unaffected by power failure can return work at once after the power is reconnected.
    • Set manual material cleaning value for convenient material shift.
    • Recipe of recordable is convenient for saving and calling.
    • DC brushless motor is free of maintenance.
    • Material blockage and overload can be detectable with auto shutdown protection and alarm.
    • Equipped with material test port that is easy for customer to test the discharge capacity.

    ■ Working Principle

    ■ Option


    ■ Application

    SPM series proportional mixer is applicable to auto proportional mixing of the granules, re-gran- ules, master-batches and additives.

    Outline Drawings


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