Гравиметрический дозатор бюджетной серии SGD-EB

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    Модель SGD-12-EB (Single Color Unit) SGD-16-EB (Single Color Unit) SGD-20-EB (Single Color Unit) SGD-30-EB (Single Color Unit) SGD-D-EB (Double Color Unit)
    Motor Power kW, 50/60Hz 0.06 0.06 0.06 0.06 0.06x2
    Mixer Power 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25
    Screw External Dia. 12 16 20 30 stands for external dia. of screw is up to model selected
    Output Capacity 0.04~3.6 0.1~16 1.0~30 3.0~60 stands for the output capacity depends on model selected, data of the single color doser can be a reference. For example: SGD-D-12/16-EB, output: capacity 0.14-19.6kg/hr
    Storage Hopper 10 10 10 10 10
    Main Material Hopper O(15) O(15) O(15) O(15) O(15)
    Mixer O O O O O
    Heavy-duty Base O O O O O
    Dimensions H(mm) 535 535 535 535 535
    W(mm) 550 550 550 550 970
    D(mm) 290 290 290 290 290
    Weight kg 17 17 17 17 30
    ■ Features

    • Dosing screws are chrome plated for durability.
    • Modular assembly structure for easy cleaning, disassembly and interchangeability.
    • Standard base equipped with hopper magnet to prevent screw damage of the IMM.
    • The current operation mode can be recorded, unaffected by power failure so operation would be resume to normal when power is on.
    • Set the manually discharging valve for easy replacement of master batch.
    • SGD is able to automatically monitor the dosing of masterbatch and additives.
    • Equipped with the RS485 communication port.
    • Manipulate dosing process via loss-in-weight technology, satisfying the high requirement of production precision.
    • Up to 50 groups of recipes can be saved.
    • Suitable for injection molding machines and extruders.
    • It is able to detect the blockage and overload of masterbatch and stop machine and sound alarms accordingly.
    • Machine halts and sounds alarm when motor faults.


    ■ Options

    • When collocating with SHD-100-300 or SHD-160U-450U dryers, heavy base should be select­ ed,and add "HB" at the end of the model code.
    • Blender is an option for customers to make materials evenly mixed,and add "MS" at the end of the model code.
    • Main material hopper is optional equipment for customers to feed main material, and add "MH" at the end of the model code.

    ■ Application

    SGD-EB series dosers are suitable for auto-proportional mixing of virgin materials, regrinds, master­ batch or additives. The motor with gear ratio of 38:1 is coupled to a dosing screw of 12, 16, 20 or 30 mm in diameter to give a total of four models with the output ranging from 0.04-60kg/hr.
    Double color dosers can be assembled from two single color dosers according to customer's require­ ment. SGD-EB supports the extruder mode. When working with the extruder, it only requires simple circuit adjustment that can achieve the linkage between the masterbatch metering and the rotating speed of extruder screw, so as to maintain stable additives proportion. Due to small additives proportion and dosage, SGD-EB can work with the Venturi Loader VL to realize auto feeding of the
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