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    Модель SMS-35 SMS-50 SMS-70
    Maximum Throughput L/hr 600 1,500 3,000
    gal/hr 159 396 793
    Minimum Detectable Diameter mm 0.5 0.6 1.0
    inch 0.02 0.02 0.04
    Material outlet pipe diameter mm 35 50 70
    inch 1.38 1.97 2.76
    Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 860x405x368 860x405x368 860x405x368
    inch 33.9x15.9x14.5 33.9x15.9x14.5 33.9x15.9x14.5
    Weight kg 50 50 50
    lb 110 110 110
    Hopper Capacity L 15 15 15
    ■ Features

    • Fast separating all the metals from the material.
    • The minimum detectable diameter of the metals can be as small as 0.5mm.
    • Compact design, easy to install and simple to operate.
    • Standard equipped with a 12L/3.2gal hopper.

    ■ Options

    • For models optional with the floor stand, and add "F" at the end of the model code.


    SMS series metal detecting separators are highly sensitive and accurate in detecting and separat­ ing metal grains, such as steel, iron, copper, aluminum, lead, tin, etc. It can be installed directly on injection molding machine or (extruders) hoppers to protect the screw of machine from the damage caused by hard metals. When it installed on the injection molding machine or on hopper of the extruder, material level sensor should be mounted on the hopper to prevent material blockage which affects machine testing.
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