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    Модель SDS-100 SDS-250 SDS-500
    Conveying Blower kW, 50/60Hz N / A N / A 1.5
    Dust Separating Blower kW, 50/60Hz 0.55 0.55 2.2
    Feeding hopper N / A N / A SVH12L
    Max. Throughput kg/hr 100 250 500
    Suction Box N / A N / A Option
    Material Tank N / A N / A Option
    Dimensions (H(H1)xWxD mm 290x320x360 460x415x450 1960(2550)x1050x1060
    Weight kg 75 200 381
    ■ Features

    • Air inlet is designed for regulation of air flow.
    • Easily removed, installation and operation are also convenient.
    • All surfaces in contact with material are made of stainless steel to ensure no material contamination.
    • Equipped with rotary speed adjustable motor to adjust feeding amount accord­ ing to actual demands.
    • The static eliminator quickly neutralizes static electricity on the surface of material.
    • The material suction blower is protected from dust by the easy-maintenance air filter and dust collection barrel.
    • SDS-500 has alarm indicator for quick fault indicating.
    • SDS-500 has material loading blower and photosensor hopper to perform automatic material loading.
    • The efficiency of dust separating can reach 80%.


    ■ Options

    • SDS-100/250 can optionally collocate with auto loaders to realize the automatic material conveying.
    • SDS-500 can optionally collocate with storage tank (Include level motor and suction box)
    • For model with polishing inside dust separator, add "P" at the end of the model code.

    ■ Application

    SDS is suitable for powder removing of various materials, such as PET, PA, PC etc. SDS-100/250 is only used for powder removing of virgin materials, and SDS-500 is also used for granule processing. Pre-pro­ cessing ( vibrating screen, screen) is suggested before processing to reach optimal powder removing. When materials requiring closed-loop after dired in abnormal temperature, please a make special request.
    Working Principle


    High pressure air with positive and negative ions produced by
    static eliminator will be blown into the machine to pass through
    material board to eliminate and remove static's and dust from the material.
    Dust separated from the material will be removed to dust
    collecting barrel, leaving clean and static-free material to fall into
    material storage tank.

    Turn on the main switch and system starts to work. Materials are loaded into the machine through photosensor hopper. Statics in material will be eliminated by ion blower and dusts would be blown into filter by hi-pressure blower through air outlet. Impurities like dusts fall into dust collecting barrel and are blown into main body of machine with filtered air. At last, materi­ als which have been dust-separated will load to material storage tank. A dust separating circle is finished like this.

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