Объемное соотношение двух смесителей SVTM

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    Модель SVTM-60-180 SVTM-60-360 SVTM-60-720 SVTM-80-1200
    Motor Power 1 kW 0.09 0.09 0.09 0.12
    Motor Power 2 kW 0.09 0.09 0.09 0.12
    Screw External Dia. mm 60 60 60 80
    Storage Hopper 1 L 90 180 360 600
    Storage Hopper 2 L 90 180 360 600
    No.1 motor processing capacity kg/h 500 500 500 795
    No.2 motor processing capacity kg/h 25.7~400 25.7~400 25.7~400 41.8~650
    Dimension (HxWxD) mm 1145x600x600 1100x900x900 1540x1000x1000 1745x1230x1230
    Weight kg 90 100 150 190
    Pipe Dia. inch 1.5 1.5 1.5 2.0
    ■ Features

    • Adopt SUS 201 material hopper
    • The main body divides into two storage hoppers: hopper 1 at left, hopper 2 at right.
    • Both SMH and SAL are available to amount on the two hoppers.
    • Employ two gear motors separately to convey the material.
    • Low noise, high accuracy and stability.
    • Stainless steel screw ensures no material contamination.
    • The suction box is able to connect with external hopper loader for material output.


    ■ Application

    It is mainly applicable for occasions such as different proportional mixing of virgin and recycled materials, or two different materials.

    ■ Options

    Low Level Switch

    Low level sensor collocated with indicator
    and buzzer is available to send shortage
    alarm in advance.
    Add "FAD" at the end of the model code
    Working Principle


    The storage hoppers can store two different materials: After switch turns to the 1st gear, motor N o.l starts to work while motor No.2 is idle. The screw begins to convey the material in hopper N o.l; After switch turns to the 2nd gear, motor No.2 starts to work while motor N o.l is idle. The screw begins to convey the material in hopper No.2; After switch turns to gear 1+2, motor N o.l and No.2 start to work simultaneously. Adjust the speed of motor No.2 via touch panel, by control the speed ratio of the two motors to control the output proportion of the two materials.

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