Высокотемпературный масляный термостат STM-SHT

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Модель STM-1207SHT STM-1815SHT
Max.Temp. 350°C 350°C
Heater kW 12 18
Pump kW, 50/60Hz 0.55/0.63 1/1.1
Max. pump Flow (50/60Hz) L/min 25.5/28.5 50/55.5
Max. pump Pressure bar (50/60Hz) 4.8/6.3 5.8/7.6
Heating Tank Number 1 2
Oil Tank (main) L 6 9
Oil Tank (sub) L 7 12
Cooling Method Indirect Indirect
Inlet/Outlet inch 3/4 / 3/4 1/1
Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 710x390x1020 940x430x1050
Weight kg 90 184
■ Features

• The maximum working temperature can reach up to 350°C/662 F, and the control accuracy can reach ±0.5°C/±0.9 F.
• The controller adopts 3.2"LCD for easy operation.
• In-build weekly timer with °C/°F unit conversion.
• Adopt P.I.D multi-stage temperature control system and SSR sol- id-state relay heating output.
• The magnetic-driven pump with stainless steel inside for high-pressure, explosion-proof, and no seal leakage.
• Multiple safety devices, including power reverse phase protection, pump overload protection, overheat protection, and low-level protection, can automatically detect abnormally and indicate via an alarm.
• Stainless steel pipe heater.
• RS485 communication interface that can achieve centralized monitoring online.
• With alarm buzzer.


■ Options

• For models optional with mold temperature and mold return oil temperature display, and add "TS" at the end of the model code.
• For models optional with magnetic filter to prolong the service life the magnetic pump, and add "MF" at the end of the model code.

■ Application

STM-SHT series high-temperature water heaters are mainly used for mould heating and mould tempera¬ture maintenance. This series of machines use heat transfer oil as the medium to avoid rust within the mould. The oil heater is applicable in high mould temperature application and reduction in mould mainte¬nance; Besides, there are many options and accessories for this series of machines that can meet differ¬ent production demands. Besides, it applies to fields with other similar needs.

Working Principle


Pump Performance


Reference formula of Mould Controllers model selection
Heater Power (kW) = mould weight (kg) x mould specific heat (kcal/kg°C) x temperature difference between mould and environment (10) x safety coefficient / heating duration / 860
Notes: safety coefficient range 1.3-1.5.
Flow Rate (L/min) = heater power (kw) x 860 / [heating medium specific (kcal/kg°C) x heating medium density (kg/L) x in/outlet temperature difference (CC) x time (60)]
Notes: Water specific heat = lkcal/kgcC Heating medium oil specific heat =0.49kcal/kg'C
Water density =lkg/L Heating medium oil density =0.842kg/L
Time for heating=the time needed to heat from room temperature to set temperature

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