Станция быстрого переключения нагрев/охлаждение - SHCM

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Модель SHCM-20
Medium Temp. °C 0~180
Medium Pressure bar ≤16
Working Temp. °C 0~60
Control Pressure bar 5.5~10
Max.Flow m3/h 11
Interface Size inch 3/4
Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 970x450x785
■ Features

• Schneider 7" panel controller, Chinese interface gives intuitive display and simple operation
• RS485 interface enables it to communicate with other auxil¬iary equipments for centralized monitoring
• With single and double loop for mould temperature detection (option), and multiple input and output interface
• Integrated stainless steel valve body makes solid and reliable structure
• Quick switching between the cold / hot circulating water
• The max. working temperature can reach 180°C
• Small occupation that is easy to move
• It can work with different models


■ Application advantage

• Eliminate the weld mark, ripple and floating fiber on product surface.
• Solve the shrinkage issue on the plastic product's surface.
• Improve the surface finish of the product to make it meet the surface standard.
• The highlighted plastic products don’t need painting in subse¬quent process, which is more environmentally friendly and effectively improves the yield by 20%-30%.
• It shortens the thin-wall molding injection cycle, and increases the plastics' flow ability and filling effect.


■ Application

It is mainly used to solve the quality problems of injection molding products, such as weld mark, ripple, floating fiber, optical color difference, shrinkage, material shortage and stress concentration. For example, it can be used in LCD TVs, computer, automobile LCD and light, optical instruments and other industries, which can also be widely used in air conditioning, automotive interior parts, home appliances, automobiles, communications, medical and other industries.

Application Diagram

Shini rapid heating rapid cooling valves station is controlled by PLC or the production signal of the injection molding machine. When the mould reaches the set temperature during the injection molding process and needs to be cooled and de-mould right after the injection molding process,the valve group will switch the pipes to achieve quick switching of the cold and hot water in the same mould for the highlight effect on the product surface.


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