Двухконтурный водяной термостат STM-WD

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Модель STM-607WD STM-910WD STM-1220WD
Max. Temp. 120°C (140°C) 120°C (140°C) 120°C (140°C)
Heater kW 6x2 9x2 12x2
Pump Power kW 0.55x2 0.75x2 1.5x2
Max. pump Flow L/min 27x2 42x2 74x2
Max. pump Pressure bar 3.8 5.0 6.2
Heating Tank Number 2 2 2
Main/Sub. Oil Tank 3.0x2 3.0x2 3.0x2
Cooling Method Indirect Indirect Indirect
Inlet/Outlet inch 3/4 / 3/4 3/4 / 3/4 1/1
Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 990x380x910 990x380x910 990x380x930
Weight kg 116 120 130
■ Features

• Adopt SSR solid-state relay with heating output, the max. heating temperature can reach 120 , with the precision of ±0.5°C.
• Adopt a vertical structure with a small footprint.
• The controller adopts an easy operation 7" touch screen, both heaters with in¬dependent temperature control.
• Adopt high-efficient water pump.
• In-build multiple safety plus warning devices, such as reverse phase, pump overload, overheat, and high and low-pressure protection.
• The unit is capable of startup air purge, auto water refill, auto exhaust function.
• Direct cooling with a superior cooling effect. Auto refilling device can cool down the temperature to set the value rapidly.
• RS485 communication interface achieves centralized monitoring with the host.


■ Application

STM-WD series water heaters are used to heat the mould and maintain a set temperature. It can be used in other similar applications. This series of machines use water as the heat transfer medium. It saves production costs, is easy to clean, and ensures a good working environment. As water circulates in the hermetic pipes, it remains in a liquid state even if the mould temperature is higher than 100°C, enhancing flow rate and improving the heat transfer effect. Besides, there are multiple options and ac¬cessories of this series to meet different production requirements.

■ Options

• For models optional with mould temperature and mould return water temperature display, add "TS" at the end of the model code.
• For models optional with water purging via compressor air, add "A" at the end of the model code.
• For models optional with manual water purging via compressor air, add "MA" at the end of the model code. 
Working Principle


Pump Performance

Reference formula of Mould Controllers model selection
Heater Power (kW) = mould weight (kg) x mould specific heat (kcal/kglC) x temperature difference between mould and environment ft!) x safety coefficient / heating duration(h) / 860
Notes: safety coefficient range 1.3-1.5.
Flow Rate (L/min) = heater power (kW) x 860 / [heating medium specific (kcal/kglO) x heating medium density (kg/L)xin/outiet temperature difference (‘t!)x time (60Min)] 

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