Дробилка роторная звукоизолированная - SG-43

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Модель SG-4360(H) SG-4390(H)
Motor Power kW, 50/60Hz 30/364 (37/41.5) 37/41.5 (45/51)
Conveing Blower kW, 50/60Hz 2.2/2.55 2.2
Rotating Speed rpm, 50/60Hz 525/630 525/630
Quantity of Fixed Blades 2x1 2x2
Quantity of Rotating Blades(Optional) 3x1 (5x1) 3x2 (5x2)
Cutting Chamber mm 430x600 430x900
inch 16.9x23.6 16.9x35.4
Max. Output kg/hr 800 1000
Ib/hr 1764 2205
Noise Level dB(A) 105-110 105-110
Material of Blades SKD11 SKD11
Screen Ф12 (mm)/0.47 Ф12 (mm)/0.47
Higher-power blower kW 7.5 7.5
Dimensions H(mm) 2710-3155 2710-3155
H(inch) 106.7-124.2 106.7-124.2
H1(mm) 1708 1708
H1(inch) 67.2 67.2
H2(mm) 430 430
H2(inch) 16.9 16.9
H3(mm) 2260 2260
H3(inch) 89 89
H4(mm) 1240-1690 1240-1690
H4(inch) 48.8-66.5 48.8-66.5
H5(mm) 2277 2277
H5(inch) 89.6 89.6
H6(mm) 750 750
H6(inch) 29.5 29.5
H7(mm) 1268 1268
H7(inch) 50 50
H8(mm) 636(970) 636(970)
H8(inch) 25(38.2) 25(38.2)
W1(mm) 1450 1750
W1(inch) 57 69
W2(mm) 1900-2310 1900-2310
W2(inch) 74.8-90.9 74.8-90.9
W3(mm) 600 900
W3(inch) 23.6 35.4
W4(mm) 166x166 166x166
W4(inch) 6.5x6.5 6.5x6.5
W5(mm) 720 720
W5(inch) 28.3 28.3
W6(mm) 552(630) 552(630)
W6(inch) 21.7(24.8) 21.7(24.8)
D(mm) 1978 1978
D(inch) 77.9 77.9
D1(mm) 1553 1553
D1(inch) 61 61
D2(mm) 4300 4300
D2(inch) 165.4 167.4
D3(mm) 690 690
D3(inch) 27.2 27.2
Weight kg 2350 (2430) 2730 (2780)
lb 5181 (5357) 6019 (6129)

■ Features

• Fine finishing cutting chamber and cutting tools that need no adjustment

Components in the cutting chamber have been finely finished by CNC lathe, enjoying high accuracy; staggered cutters and structure can effectively disperse impact load and improve cutting efficiency; blade rest needing no adjustment makes it more convenient to change blades.


• Automatic conveying device

The machine is equipped with automatic conveying device of regrind materials, which is able to increase the conveying efficiency; materials are conveyed by blowers, which promote airflow and achieve air cooling of the cutting chamber to some extent. Thus, the room temperature of the cutting chamber can be reduced.

• Sound-proofing machine

The machine adopts enclosed soundproof box, and in the positions that may make noises, there are sound-absorbing cotton, which can efficiently reduce the noises made in the cutting process.


• High-efficiency cutting motor

The machine adopts Siemens high-efficiency motor, which has stable performance as well as safe operation and helps energy consumption.


• Cooling device of cutting chamber

Cooling water device on the rear plate of cutting chamber can reduce the room temperature of cutting chamber and avoid the melt of regrind materials.


Multiple safety protection of control

Control circuit meets CE standard, and it has multiple protections including protec­tion of motor overload, short circuit, phase default and phase order detection, ensuring safe operation of the machine.


■ Application

SG-43 series is suitable for centralized recycling of waste and rejected parts from injection, blowing molding and extrusion lines. This series features compact design, easy operation and quick blade replacement. Gradually inclined cutting and integrated power design offers a better cutting effect and a lower noise level, ensures low energy consumption.

■ Options

• Two Fixed plus Five Rotating Blades (High Cutting Point)

Two fixed plus five rotating blades are optional with a small feed port of cutting chamber, suitable for granulating block and solid, thick sheet material.

• Special Screens


Special screen mesh sizes: Ф8, Ф10.Ф14, Ф17, Ф25 (mm) for SG-43 series.
Add "SS + screen diameter" at the end of the model code, e.g.: Ф8тт , add "SS08"

■ Options

Cyclone dust separator conveying device


Dust Separator can separate the dust in the regrind for immediate recycle use. The dust will be kept in filter bag, thus working environment will remain clean.This device ensures full use of regrind to avoid material wasting and enhance the economy returns.

Add "DS" at the end of the model code.

Feed Hopper with Magnet


Feed hopper with magnet is used to take out metal craps and impurities in the material. Add "FHM" at the end of the model code.


Material Side Feed Pipe

The design of feeding hopper of traditional granulators is not suitable for longer pipes and section bars. We have designed material side feed pipe for convenient feeding of long materials.
Add "SF" at the end of the model code.


Feeding Hopper for Conveyor

Material feeding for tradi-tional large granulators is quite a difficult matter. They are generally installed at a lower place or a platform must be built for material feeding. Shini has particularly designed the belt conveyor to easily convey the material into the cutting chamber of SG-43 series.
Add "BCF" at the end of the model code.

• The function of fiber reinforced material granulating is optional. Adopt surface-hardening treatment on the material contacting component. And blade material is V-4E joint with 550C. Add "F" at the end of the model code;
• Full-receive alarm device helps to realize unmanned operation and no materials will be wasted .Add" FAD" at end of the model code.
• For stainless steel made feed hopper cover plate and storage tank, Add" R" at end of the model code.
• Higher-power blower is optional, add "EC" at the end of model code.
• Higher-power motor is optional, add "H" at the end of model code.

■ Outline Drawings



Collocated with the power increased feeding blower


Control box


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