Бюджетная серия-SG-1830EB

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Модель SG-1830EB
Motor Power kW, 50/60Hz 1.5/1.72
Rotating Speed rpm, 50/60Hz 230/278
Material of Blades Cr12Mo1V1
Blade type Staggered
Quantity of Fixed Blades 2
Quantity of Rotating Blades 3x3
Cutting Chamber mm 180x300
Max. Output (kg/hr) kg/hr 50
Noise Level dB(A) ≤90
Screens mm Ф6
Dimensions H(mm) 1441
H(inch) 56.7
H1(mm) 740
H1(inch) 29.1
H2(mm) 1587
H2(inch) 62.5
W(mm) 583
W(inch) 23
W1(mm) 450
W1(inch) 17.7
W2(mm) 944
W2(inch) 37.2
D(mm) 764
D(inch) 30
D1(mm) 390
D1(inch) 15.4
Weight kg 150
lb 331
■ Features

• Staggered blade design increase cutting efficiency.Cutters readjustments are available.lt can be resharpened when it is blunt to ensures a longer life span.
• Adjustable bearing and holder, it is mounted on the outsides of the cutting chamber is side plate for convenient installation and maintenance.
• The optimal cutting angle reduces resistance and avoids blockage,which improves cutting efficiency.
• The symmetry design can effectively reduce vibration during the operation of the granulator.
• It is equipped with a motor overload relay and multiple safety devices to ensure the unit runs safely and smoothly.
• The unit is portable and takes a small footprint.

■ Application

The granulators are suitable to granulate various kinds of samall rejected plastic materials from injection molding, blow,blow molding....etc.

■ Options


• To filter thin materials,a screen with slanting holes is optional. Add "SH05” at the end of the model code.
• Optional Blower feeding (BC type)

30-Sec Instant Recycling System

The 30-Sec Instant Recycling System utilize compressed air to convey the regrind material form the storage box to the neckpiece for immediate result of material.AS a result.it can reduce regrind form regining too much moisture, improving the overall quality of end products,and zero material waste.

Add "BR" at the end of the model code.

1. Autoloader main unit
2. Vacuum pipe
3. Material pipe
4. 30-Sec instant recycling system
5. Hopper receiver
6. Material tank
7. SG-1830EB

■ Outline Drawings


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