Крепления для пресс-форм

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Модель M12 M16 M20 M24
Bolt size M12 M16 M20 M24
Length mm 95 130 150 195
Width mm 36 42 50 85
Height mm 21 32 35 36
The slot length mm 50 70 82 105
The slot width mm 14 18 22 30
The screw height mm 150 150 150 150
Weight kg 0.55 1.1 1.85 4.1
Parallel plate FCD600
Hexagon nut Carbon Stee8.8
Thickening gasket Steel45#
Hexagon bolt Galvanized 4.8
The double headed screw Carbon Stee8.8

• It’s well-designed, full of strength, not easily deformed, of small size,, flexible and easy to operate, a fixture frequently used in mold processing, mainly for making the work piece not vibrate and not move during processing to ensure the accuracy and fine finish. Its quality has direct impact on the process precision and of product quality. Therefore, mold folder is playing an important role in the mold manufacturing process.

• Manufacturing process of mold folder: Press plate is made of ductile iron casting, and is specially treated to achieve high mechanical properties. Besides, the surface paint is given to prevent rust. Furthermore, add embossing on the contact surface to fix the mold better. Finally, it’s made of parts of high strength, excellent performance.

Use and precautions flatbed die folder

Work piece clamping clip with a flat mode is a method commonly used in the milling machine,
especially when using end m illing cutter on horizontal m illing machine.

Things to pay attention when using flat-folder:

(1) It’s necessary to put the folder at a proper position where the stiffness of the work piece is the best. The rigid clamping force also should be appropriate. Otherwise, work piece with poor rigidity will be easy to be deformed.

(2)The pad iron must be properly placed under the press plate. It should be as high as the work piece or a little higher than it. Otherwise, it will weaken the compression effect.

(3)Pressure plate bolts must be close to the work piece as much as possible. The distance from the bolt to the work piece should be less than the one from the bolt to the pad iron to enhance the pressing force.

(4)The bolt must be tightened. Otherwise, it may make the work piece move because the pressure is not enough, and thus cause damage to the work piece, machine tools and cutting tools.

(5)There are many holes on the injection molding machine template. The screw slide wire w ill occur occasionally after being used for a period of time. The usual way to repair is to expand the screw hole, which means to enlarge the hole to a larger thread and then tap. Equipped with larger plates and bolts. Generally, the screw used more frequently is prone to damage. It's still possible to enlarge the thread again and again due to the screw slide after being repaired by the above method. There are two reasons for holes slide wire: One is that the bolt goes too deep into the hole. When the pulling force goes beyond the tensile strength of the thread, it w ill be damaged.
Another one is that there is burr or dirt with the thread of the bolt and screw mouth, which scratches the bolt hole and accelerates the wear of thread. Consequently, the tensile strength w ill slowly drop to failure. Press plate with a big head bolt causes bolt rollover and thus damage the template table because of deformation.

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